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Upcoming Deadlines – November

No grant applications are due this month.

Please fill out your AAPG student memberships online by the end of the month so we can try to win $400 credit for the AAPG store.

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In case you need more motivation to sign up for a student membership….

This morning an email was sent around to all of the AAPG student chapters regarding a contest for a $400 credit at the AAPG Store. All we have to do is get the most members to join or renew their AAPG student memberships by December 1, 2014.

Please make sure to finish your AAPG student membership applications. Those 5 minutes you spend filling out this form could really pay off!

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How to Register for CSPG and AAPG Membership

Our club bylaws dictate that we must have at least 9 registered members of AAPG within the PPS. Taking the initiative to sign up for geological associations is a good way to show you are serious about geology/geophysics. As we are affiliates for CSPG and AAPG, these are the membership registrations that will be highlighted in this post. Both memberships you can sign up for free.

Many other associations and their membership links can be found under the “Useful Links” tab. Not all associations offer student membership for free.

CSPG and AAPG membership instructions

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CSPG Distinguished Lecturer – Astrid Arts

November 6, 2014 — BGS 0153 @ 5:30

“Girl’s Guide to the Oil Patch and Life as a Petroleum Geologist”

Come and listen to what Astrid has to say about life in the petroleum industry! Check our Events page for more information.

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CSEG Foundation Scholarship

Application deadline: November 1, 2014

This scholarship is awarded to an undergrad student or a grad student who is interested in a career in exploration geophysics (or is a dependent of a CSEG member)

You must be a CSEG student member or have a parent who is a CSEG member to apply.

Find out more details and apply here. Apply now!

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Glen Ruby Memorial Scholarships

Application deadline: October 31, 2014

The ConocoPhillips Glen Ruby Memorial Scholarships are awarded to second, third, and fourth year undergraduate students studying Geology and Geophysics.

$2,000 is awarded to a 2nd year geoscience student

$3,000 is awarded to a 3rd year geoscience student

$5,000 is awarded to a 4th year geoscience student

Applications are submitted through the CSPG. Apply and find out more here!

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